Hi, I’m Alesha.
I’m looking for my next role.

I am an experienced senior level digital designer with a passion for intuitive design, human-centered functionality, and bringing those good creative energies that ship great products.

I’m looking to begin the next chapter of my design career with a position in design leadership — either as a Principal Designer getting my hands dirty with my team, or as a Design Director paving the way for success for both my teammates and clients, from concept to completion.

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Some cool things I did at Vox Media

Conceptualized, designed, and helped to deploy new ad products. While handling multiple client projects daily with tight turnaround times, I also made advertisement mocks used in RFPs that contributed to several high-value advertising sales. Several of my ideations for new ad concepts, like the Theatre Unit,  were developed to become a part of Concert’s premium suite of ad products.

Empowered the growth & development of a very talented and productive design team. As the team grew and evolved, I played a critical role in helping new teammates get acquainted to Concert Studio’s design processes, streamline their workflows, navigate the file storage systems and communicate with project stakeholders in effective ways.

Led and supported various diversity, equity and inclusion efforts throughout the company. As a founding member of Vox Media’s Diversity Leadership Committee, I helped to drive the importance of Employee Resource Groups and assisted in the development of first ones created. I led and participated in various company volunteer programs that empowered women and children to pursue interests in design and technology.


Work History

Most recently, I was a Senior Designer on Vox Media‘s Concert Studio team.

Before that, I was the sole UX/UI Designer and Developer for The Gigawatt Group, setting their online presence up for success in their first year of service. Other notable projects I worked on were the creative direction, design and front-end development of the LicenseLogix and MetroIPC websites.

Further previous work experiences were in print design and production for New Home Media, FastSigns, and FedEx Office.


What I'm Looking For

A Senior or Principal Designer role. A role where I can apply my design skills and expertise in new and exciting ways, while also growing as a highly effective design leader within the company.

With good people. A diverse team at all levels, including leadership. An open-minded inclusive culture with kind folks who care about others.

Working on consumer-facing products. I take great pride in seeing something I worked on in the wild. It brings me joy to point out the incredible work my team and I have done and say, “we did that!”.

A fully remote role. I’m based in the Washington, DC metro area, but I am looking for location flexibility. I’m pursuing remote roles at a company where many other employees are also remote.

At a place that cares about its team.  A place that values healthy work/life balance and provides quality physical and mental health care coverage; professional development opportunities, 401k matching, and generous PTO are a plus!.


If you have a role that you feel would be a great fit for me, I look forward to conversing about it with you! Please email me at alesha.randolph@gmail.com