UX/UI Design & Development


Metro Immediate and Primary Care rapidly gained popularity as the go-to clinic for millennials in the Washington, DC Metro area. After becoming a part of the GW Medical Facilities network, they decided it was time to upgrade their online presence to appeal to prospective patients.

Two important things that MetroIPC wanted their new website to do was to provide an easy way for their patients to book appointments online with their mobile phones and to increase awareness their metro accessibility.


I used imagery of Washington DC’s metro system to emphasize their proximity to the metro. Increasing the presence of their brown metallic color in their brand color palette also helped to enhance the metro feel.

MetroIPC’s new Book An Appointment box is front and center when the website loads on all devices to make appointment booking easy. Other online services are also easily accessible on the homepage (online payments, access to medical records , etc.) to ensure that MetroIPC’s patients can get to what they need without having to extensively search the site.