Creative Direction - Design - UX/UI Design


Concert Studio is the in-house, human powered design agency behind the curtains of Vox Media‘s Concert, a publisher-led advertising marketplace. This creative and dynamic team of talented graphic designers focus on conceptualizing and executing custom advertisements for their clients, as well as conjuring up new ideas for creative formats to add to Concert’s advertising platform.


Being a core part of the Concert Studio team from its debut in 2016 until 2023 has allowed me to contribute in a myriad of ways — designing custom advertisements from concept to completion, imagining and inventing new ad formats (such as the Theater Unit) to integrate into Vox Media’s ad creation platform, and provide exemplary examples to showcase Concert Studio’s premium ad solutions.


RFP concept for custom catalogue unit for Beats Headphones | 2020


RFP concept for custom Immersion unit for Xfinity Mobile | 2018

RFP concept for Drag and Drop unit for Milagro | 2021

Demo of “Tilt” premium ad format, v1.0 | 2019