Vox Creative X NBA2K

Creative Direction - Design


Vox Creative, in collaboration with 2K Sports, had a love story to tell. This story was about the relationship between hip-hop and basketball, a companionship that spans across decades. “Hip Hop and NBA 2K: A Love Story” was slated to go live on SB Nation right around the release date of NBA2K’s 20th edition of the game, so it was imperative that everything was on point to connect the 2K brand to SBN’s communities in an impactful way.


Vox Creative reached outside of their core design team to bring in a long-time NBA2K fan (me!) to facilitate creative direction and design for the visual aesthetic of this video. Given that this story was about history, passion, and legacy, I chose to go with a greyscale/red/gold color scheme. Lots of rugged design elements like graffiti paint, concrete textures and marker style lettering were chosen to really hone in on the essence of hip-hop and basketball culture.

A few images from the preliminary client facing style guide | 2018