Black Wolf Auto

UX/UI Development


Black Wolf Auto is an antique & classic car restoration, modernization, customization, and general auto repair services shop in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Their branding and the aesthetics of their online presence were outdated and didn’t quite speak of the quality services they provided. The Gigawatt Gigawatt Group’s team of brand strategists and designers took on the task of the rebranding but a clean and responsive website was needed to tie it altogether.


A black & gold prestigious design approach was taken towards Black Wolf Auto’s rebranding, and I chose to feature their commercial as the opener to the website, courtesy of the Cerebral Lounge animation team.

Following the native website design created by The Gigawatt Group’s design team, I explored and experimented with most of Bootstrap’s responsive framework to design tablet and mobile viewports. This created a classy yet modern user experience across all devices.